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UVista® SPF Eye Drops
World's First Ophthalmic Sunscreen Preparation

A Daily, Preservative-Free Artificial Tear Formulation that Protects Your Eyes from the SUN - For Hours!

Exposure to UV Light can cause permanent damage to the Ocular Surface (Pterygium, AKA "Surfer Eyes")

Spend Hours a Day in the Sun? This can cause Chronic Dry Eyes, Permanent Redness/Vascularity, & Irreversible Pigmentation of Your Eyes

Exposure to UV Light Has Been Directly Linked to Premature Cataract Formation & Worsening Macular Degeneration…

Children Don't Like to Wear Sunglasses When Swimming/Skiing & Get Severe Redness After Spending Hours in the Sun

Can't/Don't Like to Wear Sunglasses When Outside?
We've Got You Covered...



Millions of people spend hours a day working and playing outdoors in the sun; a great majority of them don’t protect their eyes from this harmful UV radiation: they either can’t, or don’t like to wear sunglasses.

For the first time in history, UVista™ SPF Eyedrops offer a groundbreaking solution for this huge demographic: a non-irritating, non-blurring, daily “ophthalmic sunscreen” that protects the eyes from the Sun for hours at a time!

Benefits of UVista SPF Eye Drops:

  • Preservative-free, Soothing (Glycerin-Based), Artificial Tear Formulation
  • Non-irritating, Non-Blurring, Photostable, Water-Resistant Sunscreen
  • FDA-Approved Organic Sunscreen Ingredient (0.25% Ensulizole/PBSA)*
  • 96% Protection from high-energy UVB and UVAII rays**
  • Long-lasting ocular sun protection***

*Ensulizole/PBSA is a well known, FDA-approved Organic Sunscreen with an excellent safety record and photostability (does not deactive with sun exposure), and has been utilized in protective skin tone preparations and water-resistant formulations for decades.

**96% Protection against UVB & UVAII radiation has been documented in the laboratory with a 40um thickness of tear film in a 2 cm squared surface area simulating the ocular surface.

***One drop of UVista SPF Eye Drops has been shown to reside on the ocular surface for about 2 hours without being washed out by blinking.

Providing Ongoing Ocular
Surface Protection from
Harmful UVB (& UVAII) Rays

A Brand New Category in Over-The-Counter Ocular Health Products

UV-induced ocular surface disease affects millions of people globally!

Acute sun exposure has been shown to cause sunburns to the surface of the eyes (skiers and children who spend a day by the pool without sunglasses often get this). This condition is called “Photoconjunctivitis/Photokeratitis”).

Prolonged sun exposure has been shown to cause chronic hyperemia (redness), chronic dry eyes, permanent discoloration of the Conjunctiva (“Michael Jordan Eyes”), and Pterygium Formation (“Surfer Eyes”).

Up to 10% of the world’s population (and an alarming 33% in certain regions) have been shown to suffer from Pterygium Formation, and multiple studies have suggested that it can be completely prevented simply by protecting the eyes from the Sun.

UVista SPF Eye Drops offer ongoing protection against UVB and UVAII rays with a few simple drops while outside in bright daylight, making them an essential ocular health product for just about everyone who spends a considerable amount of time in the Sun.

Safeguard Your Eyes from the
Sun's Harmful (Invisible) UV Radiation
with UVista SPF Eye Drops

Helping People Who Work/Play in the Sun & Can't/Don't Like to Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses are currently the go-to option for people seeking eye protection. However, individuals who spend considerable time outdoors often dislike having to carry or wear a pair of sunglasses all day. They can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and easily misplaced. This creates a compelling opportunity for a product like UVista SPF Eye Drops, which offers long-lasting sun protection without the hassle of sunglasses, liberating people to enjoy the outdoors comfortably while safeguarding their eyes from UV harm.


  • Photoconjunctivitis/Photokeratitis: This involves inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea, causing pain, tearing, and sensitivity to light after acute UV exposure. This is very frequently seen in children who go swimming or skiing without wearing eye protection.
  • Conjunctival Melanosis (“Michael Jordan Eyes”): UV exposure can lead to pigmentation changes on the conjunctiva, causing brown spots and increasing the risk of eye diseases.
  • Irreversible Conjunctiva Damage Pterygium (“Surfer Eyes”): Prolonged UV exposure can lead to severe, irreversible damage to the conjunctiva, causing discomfort and potential vision impairment.
  • Progression of Cataracts: Chronic UV exposure can accelerate the development of cataracts, clouding the eye’s natural lens and impairing vision.
  • Progression of Macular Degeneration: Prolonged UV exposure is a risk factor for age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss in older adults.


Pterygium is a growth on the cornea, often seen in surfers due to intense sun exposure. It can cause discomfort and vision issues if not treated promptly.


Pinguecula is a yellowish bump on the conjunctiva, resulting from prolonged UV exposure. Pinguecula can lead to irritation and chronic redness (hyperemia).


The problems and dangers mentioned above can mostly be prevented by simply wearing sunglasses. But sunglasses come with their share of issues. Many individuals find them uncomfortable or inconvenient or simply dislike wearing them regularly. This reluctance exposes their eyes to hours of unprotected UV exposure, leading to a range of ocular problems. UVista SPF Eye Drops offer a practical alternative, eliminating the need for sunglasses while providing reliable and comfortable UV protection for your eyes.


The obvious solution for those seeking eye protection from harmful UV rays is directly applying an ophthalmic sunscreen solution. However, developing sunscreen for the eyes has been incredibly challenging. Existing sunscreen ingredients are notorious for causing irritation when they come into contact with the sensitive tissues of the eyes. Moreover, these ingredients are typically oil-soluble, making them incompatible for ocular use as they would drastically blur vision, making them impractical for everyday use.

Creating an ophthalmic sunscreen solution that is safe and tolerable, doesn’t compromise vision, adheres to the eyes effectively, and maintains photo-stability against high-energy UVB and UVAII rays has been a formidable hurdle—until now. iUV Pharma, Inc. has successfully overcome these challenges and produced UVista, the world’s first liquid SPF eye drops.

Changing the Way We Care
for Our Ocular Health

Our Mission & Goals

iUV Pharma, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company that embodies the culmination of world-class expertise in UV-induced ocular surface disease with advanced sunscreen technology. Our mission is clear: to provide everyone with easy access to UVista, an innovative artificial tear solution with sunscreen, ensuring ocular well-being and redefining how we protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Join us in reshaping how people protect their eyes from the sun.